Special offers

Package deals

See the Accommodation/Package deals page for information concerning the peak and off-peak seasons, package deals and our special offer „Happy holidays in Ziegenrück“.

Discount for early booking

If you book your accommodation at least six months in advance, we give a generous discount of 10%.

3-day flat rate

Hotel accommodation for two nights plus half-board: 106.00 € in the off-peak season;
with a surcharge of merely 6.00 € per day in the peak season.

Sundries available at the hotel

Bicycles for hiring * 8 € per day
Sauna * 7 € per person
Massage chair * 10 min. - 2 €
30 min. - 6 €
Massage table * 20 min. - 5 €
Sky soccer viewing free of charge

*Gift vouchers available

Weddings and other celebrations, outings

We will gladly organize your family celebration, wedding or company party. Moreover, we offer group outings, hiking tours (we carry your backpacks), cycling tours, and a ticket service.

Bonus programme "Bleiloch and Hohenwarte reservoirs"

This special offer gets you discounts of 25% on the ticket for the bowling alley in Ziegenrück, about 1 € on selected dishes in altogether 15 restaurants, and price reductions for diving and surfing on the reservoir lakes for holders of the respective certificate, and for admission to the Saalfeld Feengrotten (fairyworld grottos) and the adventure pools of the region.

We accept the Thüringer Wald-Card.